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Welcome to the DR Productions (Australia) Podcast site. It forms another part of the DR Productions Project ‒ run by Dallas Jones and Roger Reynolds.

We have created this Podcast site so that fans of Doctor Who, its spin-offs and other similar Sci Fi / SF / Speculative fiction genres, have a place to share their works, in audio form, with a wide audience of other like-minded enthusiasts.

Content for our Podcast platform is obtained, with their permission, from many and various authors; these include, for example, but are not limited to, contributors to our e-zine “Trap Street”.

You can sample our Trap Street e-zine Here.

Visit our Website for more of our offerings and Doctor Who related information Here.

For more information, comments, constructive suggestions (always welcome) - you can contact us at:


We hope you enjoy our Podcasts and that you will be entertained.


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